Things to know before going to EMG Test

What is EMG Test?

EMG Test (electromyography) records the movement of our muscles. It is based on the simple fact that whenever a muscle contracts, a burst of electric activity is generated which propagates through adjacent tissue and bone and can be recorded from neighboring skin areas. The lower motor neurons are the actual instigators of muscle movement, as they innervate the muscle directly at the neuromuscular junction. This innervation causes the release of Calcium ions within the muscle, ultimately creating a mechanical change in the tension of the muscle...
People are worried about taking health diagnostic tests. Especially like EMG Test.  We may think about what to do and what not to do. There are some common questions that may occur during EMG test, that are addressed below.

Does Smoking affect EMG test?

Yes, Smoking causes subclinical changes in the myelin sheath and the resulting demyelination causes poor electrotonic conduction. This later results in a decrease …

Is it Possible to detect Lung Cancer in X-ray?

In chest X-ray,

This is often the first test your doctor will do to look for any abnormal areas in the lungs. If the x-ray result is normal, you probably don't have lung cancer ( even though some lung cancers may not show up on an x-ray). If some suspicious thing is seen, then your doctor will likely order more tests eventually.

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The Truth Behind X-rays

X Ray Centers in Bangalore | Ebisu Diagnostic Centre

Once at least in a lifetime many of us would have undergone an X-ray, which is a type of radiation commonly called electromagnetic waves. An X-ray takes the image of the body. They are commonly used in medicinal fields for imaging tools and to understand how extremely crucial is the diagnosing diseases and to make sure that the right treatment is given. However, there are many myths with X-rays, which people will not know.

Here are a few common truth behind x-rays Myths associated with x-rays,



Since radiation is a part of the natural environment, we all are exposed to radiation every day. Now, modern x-ray machines and especially digital X-rays used a very small amount of radiation where the exposure to radiation is reduced by 75% when compared to old machines. Since they use a small amount of radiation they …

How do I prepare for an Ultrasound Scan?

How do I prepare for an Ultrasound Scan?
-Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and remove all clothing and jewelry in the area to be examined.
-Scan time: 30 min; visit time about 1-1/2 hours
-Adults: Do not eat or drink eight hours before your scan.
-Children: Do not eat or drink four hours before the scan or skip one meal.
-Take medications with a small sip of water.
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Educate yourself on exactly how safe the MRI scan.

Educate yourself on exactly how safe the MRI scan. Many people find that one of the best ways to take the fear out of something is to learn as much as they can know about it. Learning exactly how safe the MRI scan is, and how many people are grateful to have had one.Whether by reading articles about the procedure or watching videos of MRI scans.

FAQ on MRI and CT Scan

We picked out the 5 most common questions our patients have before getting an MRI or a CT scan. 1.My doctor has prescribed a scan with contrast – what is it and why is it required? If  you have been recommended a MRI or a CT examine, your specialist may sometimes ask for a scan with contrast. A contrast is nothing but a liquid dye that is usually injected into your veins or administered orally.

This dye helps to highlight feature the inner parts of your body, giving the specialists a more clear picture of irritation, organs, body structures and veins.Sounds scary? It’s not – in fact, it’s a very common and painless procedure – so don’t worry!Plus, scans with contrast produce clearer pictures, helping you get a more accurate diagnosis. 2.What is the duration of the scan? The duration of your scan depends on what kind of scan you need. The average duration of a CT scan is 5-15 minutes, while the duration of an MRI is around 7 – 20 minutes. If you need to have a CT scan in Bangalore with …

Thinking of gymming? Start with a health check-up.

There’s a reason why so many gymnasiums have sprung up around you. More and more people are becoming health conscious and want to look their best. Earlier, life was active and the daily tasks ensured enough physical activity; general health was not a matter of grave concern. The present age is characterized by slow-paced work schedules and sedentary lifestyles. For the majority, the only way to undertake physical activity is to follow a fitness regimen at the nearby gymnasium. Your gym trainer may decide your fitness regime, but give him your medical information, around which he may tailor around your physical requirements. Hence, it is always better to have proper body check-up prior to joining a gym. You will be able to assess your present physical fitness levels and know what to expect. Then you can start shopping for comfortable shoes, fashionable track suits and your favorite music tracks. Customize your regimen
Gym trainers are experts in the correct physical workout techniques, …