FAQ on MRI and CT Scan

We picked out the 5 most common questions our patients have before getting an MRI or a CT scan. 1.My doctor has prescribed a scan with contrast – what is it and why is it required? If  you have been recommended a MRI or a CT examine, your specialist may sometimes ask for a scan with contrast. A contrast is nothing but a liquid dye that is usually injected into your veins or administered orally.

This dye helps to highlight feature the inner parts of your body, giving the specialists a more clear picture of irritation, organs, body structures and veins.Sounds scary? It’s not – in fact, it’s a very common and painless procedure – so don’t worry!Plus, scans with contrast produce clearer pictures, helping you get a more accurate diagnosis. 2.What is the duration of the scan? The duration of your scan depends on what kind of scan you need. The average duration of a CT scan is 5-15 minutes, while the duration of an MRI is around 7 – 20 minutes. If you need to have a CT scan in Bangalore with …

Thinking of gymming? Start with a health check-up.

There’s a reason why so many gymnasiums have sprung up around you. More and more people are becoming health conscious and want to look their best. Earlier, life was active and the daily tasks ensured enough physical activity; general health was not a matter of grave concern. The present age is characterized by slow-paced work schedules and sedentary lifestyles. For the majority, the only way to undertake physical activity is to follow a fitness regimen at the nearby gymnasium. Your gym trainer may decide your fitness regime, but give him your medical information, around which he may tailor around your physical requirements. Hence, it is always better to have proper body check-up prior to joining a gym. You will be able to assess your present physical fitness levels and know what to expect. Then you can start shopping for comfortable shoes, fashionable track suits and your favorite music tracks. Customize your regimen
Gym trainers are experts in the correct physical workout techniques, …

Myths and Facts about X-rays and other Scans

More people visit their specialist's office to request a 'scan'. Here are a few myths and facts about the different types of scans available, when they are helpful and why you don't generally require one!
Myth: All scans are x-rays

Plain X-rays and CT scans use X-beam radiation while different scans don't. An X-ray gives you one picture, for example of your chest or a limb. A CT scan then again takes many X-rays which are prepared by a PC to give different photos of the body. CT scan give far more detailed views, yet they also expose you to much more radiation. This radiation portion relies upon which portion of the body is being scanned. For example, a CT scan of the chest exposes you to 70 times more radiation than normal chest X-ray. Other kinds of scans, such asultrasoundand MRI scans, don’t use X-rays. Ultrasound scans make use of sound waves and MRI scans use magnets. Fact: Different kind of scans are needed to image different parts of the body

Because scans w…

Know About bone mineral density test | Bone Mineral Density Test in Bangalore

A bone mineral density test, also called as bone density test, used to detect whether you have osteoporosis, a word comes from Greek and literally means “porous bone.” If you have this condition, your bones get weak and thin. They become more likely to break. It’s the silent condition, which means you don’t feel any symptoms. How the Test Works ? The Bone Mineral Density Test in Bangalore is painless and fast. It estimates how dense or thick your bones is by using X-rays. The X-rays measure how much calcium and minerals are there in a part of your bone. The more minerals you have in bone, the better. That means your bones are stronger, denser, and less likely to be break. The lower your mineral content, the greater your chance of breaking bone when fall. Who Should Get Tested ? Anyone can get osteoporosis. It’s most common among older women, but men can have it, too. Your chances increase as you age goes. You should discuss with doctor whether you need the test. Doctor may recommend it…

Things parents should consider before taking their child for CT Scan | CT Scan Centre in Bangalore

CT Scan Centre in Bangalore | Ebisu Diagnostics
computed tomography (CT) scan is an X-ray imaging technique that is used on people of all ages, including children. CT scans are very important for quickly investigating serious health problems inside the body, for example, bleeding inside the skull after a fracture. CT Scan Centre in Bangalore | Ebisu Diagnostics provide more information than a plain X-ray film.
What is a CT scan?

CT scans use X-rays to create three-dimensional images, providing different views and far greater detail than plain X-ray images. CT Scan Centre in Bangalore | Ebisu Diagnostics can provide critical information for the care of your child, but obtaining the images uses more radiation than a plain X-ray image.

How much radiation is used in CT scans?

We are all exposed to naturally occurring radiation from soil, rocks, air, building and other materials every day – this is known as background radiation. The radiation used in X-ray imaging and CT scans can be comp…

Things To Know Before Choosing a Diagnostic Centre

Diagnostic Center in Bangalore | Ebisu Diagnostics

In this day and age of rapid commercialization and rampant embezzlement, even the sacred realm of medicine hasn’t been spared. With numerous Diagnostic Centres sprawling up in every corner, choosing the right diagnostic lab can become a tough decision.
Do not get carried away by low budget path labs with ill-made equipment and mismanaged staff. Read on to find out the four essential points you need to consider while choosing the best diagnostic centre.
How Experienced Is The Medical Practitioner?

This is undoubtedly the number one priority. Matters of health ought to be handled with intricate supervision and excellent skill
Therefore, choose a diagnostic laboratory that has been well established for a substantial period of time and is run by experienced Medical Practitioners and skilled staff.
Professionalism is hard to encounter in the commercial world of today. One should choose Diagnostic labs that still stand by the old oath of pr…

Know About Digital Mammography | Breast Mammography Test in Bangalore

Breast Mammography Test in Bangalore | Ebisu Diagnostics What is Digital Mammography?

Many of you would have seen the commercials on television, listened about this on radio, or read about mammograms in magazine article or in internet.  It’s important to have the mammography done, so you will get peace of mind and some benefits. People do not understand the difference between digital mammography and traditional film mammogram. Mammography is basically a form of x- ray of the breast tissue. The one difference between x ray and mammography is x-ray relay on film and digital mammography digital images are extracted on the screen. This digital mammography is easier to view and manipulate. The radiologist can get the more accurate view by highlighting areas, zoom in out, or can use specific Benefits of Digital Mammography Include:
Mammograms which are printed on film need hard files to store with your medical history.  Digital mammography is stored as a soft copy and can be shared using e mai…